• (1)お客様にご承諾いただいた場合
  • (2)業務上の必要性から、守秘に関する適切な措置を講じた上で外部に委託する場合
  • (3)その他法令に基づく場合







Basic Policy

We sincerely acknowledge that the personal information we hold related to customers is privileged information that has the potential to compromise their privacy. The handling of personal information in our business is carried out in accordance with laws and guidelines regarding the protection of personal information in Japan, as well as the conditions stipulated below. We ensure that all of our officers and employees are familiar with these laws and guidelines so that they may manage personal information with due care.

Handling of Personal Information

Collection and Usage of Personal Information

Collection of personal information by Avant Associates is carried out by using a legitimate and fair method, and by clarifying the purpose of use. We collect personal information within the scope required for accomplishing the given purpose of use and ensure that its usage does not deviate from this.

Management and Protection of Personal Information

We take appropriate measures to prevent unauthorized access, loss, damage, falsification or divulgence related to personal information. We always manage personal information strictly and with great care, and we do not disclose or provide it to third parties except for any of the following cases.

  • ・In the case in which we obtain approval from our customers.
  • ・In the case in which we outsource the handling of personal information to an external party according to our business needs after taking appropriate measures to protect confidentiality.
  • ・In the case in which such an action is based on applicable laws.

Ongoing Improvements to Systems and Mechanisms for Management of Personal Information Protection

We make the systems and mechanisms for the management of personal information protection known to all employees and implement ongoing improvements to these systems and mechanisms.

Inquiries Regarding Personal Information

When we receive a request from the subject of personal information managed by Avant Associates for notification of the purpose of use, or to disclose, correct, stop the use of, or delete such information, or to stop the provision of such information to third parties, we respond promptly.
For inquiries concerning personal information, please go to the Contact Form page.

Date of establishment: 1 April 2005

Last updated: 1 September 2011